Inigo Montoya (spacepoet) wrote in d20games,
Inigo Montoya

Fouth edition and such

I jut happened to stop by my local games shop yesterday by happenstance.

I started to pillage through one of the 4th edition dungeon delving core books and started dream up ideas again like the old days.. more on that in a second. But first, a general question to all!

How does everyone like the fourth edition of Dungeon and Dragons?

I've heard a lot of 3rd edition gamers call it a cop out. others say that they like it. I am less likely to go out and by those books, since I have a massive collection of 3rd edition. I'm just curious. One thing I do like about the 4th edition books (as I just happened to notice) is that they have pictures of the half orc class members looking like actual people, not some hairy ape. The PC classes in gerneral look good.

Here is my idea of getting back into DnD since I'm rusty.

I would have the characters meet in a city and lead them to a wizard of sorts that would allow them to dungeon delve through dreams. Focusing on monsters and combat. My goal is to brush up on movement/traps and not get to raveled up in role playing for the moment. By keeping it simple, action packed, and like a board game it would keep us all interested while i get used to Dming again! It would be some what of a guantlet that would reward XP more that gold. I was thinking that by the end of the delve, if they solve some riddle or side quest the wizard hosting the dreams could reward them some how. I could also have this be a way for other PC's to get involved with the party that are new.

Thoughts? anyone to add stuff is more than welcome. Where would the practical place to meet in a city to do this be? What kind of wizard is this guy? And lastly, anyone interested in joining an online PbP game?

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