MOnsta Mash (uber_zombi3) wrote in d20games,
MOnsta Mash

New Camaign

Wow. I just sat down tonight with my current players and we all discussed the new campaign as well as what characters they were going to be. I forgot how damn long it takes to roll characters up. It took a little while longer because we are all really rusty at 3.5 and we also had one new person. i discussed using a point buy system with the group, but i could not find the rules for them and they opted to roll up ability scores instead.

So I've got the following characters:
- gnome druid
-elven monk
-half elf ranger
-human paladin

something I don't understand with dnd is the characters ability scores compared to the monsters and npc' levels. The npc's all get an 'elite" array of scoring: 15 14 13 12 10 8
Which leaves them at  weaker levels by far compared to Pc's. not an even fight at all. The same for monsters. i have to beef them up before they go into battle or else the pc's just squash them all. I'm just viocing that it is frustrating that i can't grab and go out of the moster manual is all. 

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