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Bumper Stickers

So, we just got this new beater car and my husband said that we can put gamer bumper stickers on it! I am so geeked about it. But I've been googling for the past hour and not found very much at all. Where can I find some good DnD bumper stickers? Or table-top gaming ones?
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Poll on non-mainstream hobbies

For my journalism class, I'm conducting a small survey on non-mainstream hobbies with two friends of mine. We're targeting D&D gamers amongst other hobby groups.

If you have some time, it'd be great if you could fill out the survey. It consists of 17 questions and can be found here.

I hope this post is not off-topic; if it is, feel free to delete, of course.


Many RPG books for sale

Hey, folks. Finances (and shelf space) demand that I get rid of some of my books. This includes, among other things, a large amount of D&D and D20 material. I thought many of you might be interested.

Clicky for books!

(Mods: I didn't see any guidelines forbidding this sort of thing, but if it's inappropriate, let me know and I'll delete.)

just read...and put down the soda or risk snarfing it

ok, so I found this on the Wizards website for April Fool's Day....and it was just too good not to share......

Most stupid gamers ever

Subject: Most stupid gamers ever
Date: 11 Dec 1996 19:51:02 -0700
From: David Crowe
Organization: Primenet (602)416-7000

In an attempt to get this group's collective mind off racist Dietie & Demigods, what is Gothism, and old TSR evils, I present a story put up on the Steve Jackson Games WWW site. This story was so funny I almost hurt myself laughing.
An Important Safety Tip!
Mark Steuer recounts this tale:
Many years ago (back when we all were still playing D & D), I ran a game where I pitted two groups against each other.
Several members of Group One came up with the idea of luring Group Two into a trap. You remember the Hand of Vecna and the Eye of Vecna that were artifacts in the old D&D world where if you cut off your hand (or your eye) and replaced it with the Hand of Vecna (or the Eye) you'd get new awesome powers? Well, Group One thought up The Head of Vecna.
Group One spread rumors all over the countryside (even paying Bards to spread the word about this artifact rumored to exist nearby). They even went so far as to get a real head and place it under some weak traps to help with the illusion. Unfortunately, they forgot to let ALL the members of their group in on the secret plan (I suspect it was because they didn't want the Druid to get caught and tell the enemy about this trap of theirs, or maybe because they didn't want him messing with things).
The Druid in group One heard about this new artifact and went off in search of it himself (I believe to help prove himself to the party members...) Well, after much trial and tribulation, he found it; deactivated (or set off) all the traps; and took his "prize" off into the woods for examination. He discovered that it did not radiate magic (a well known trait of artifacts) and smiled gleefully.
I wasn't really worried since he was alone and I knew that there was no way he could CUT HIS OWN HEAD OFF. Alas I was mistaken as the Druid promptly summoned some carnivorous apes and instructed them to use his own scimitar and cut his head off (and of course quickly replacing it with the Head of Vecna...)
Some time later, Group one decided to find the Druid and to check on the trap. They found the headless body (and the two heads) and realized that they had erred in their plan (besides laughing at the character who had played the Druid)...The Head of Vecna still had BOTH eyes! They corrected this mistake and reset their traps and the Head for it's real intended victims...
Group Two, by this time, had heard of the powerful artifact and decided that it bore investigating since, if true, they could use it to destroy Group One. After much trial and tribulation, they found the resting place of The Head of Vecna! The were particularly impressed with the cunning traps surrounding the site (one almost missed his save against the weakest poison known to man). They recovered the Head and made off to a safe area.
Group Two actually CAME TO BLOWS (several rounds of fighting) against each other arguing over WHO WOULD GET THEIR HEAD CUT OFF! Several greedy players had to be hurt and restrained before it was decided who would be the recipient of the great powers bestowed by the Head... The magician was selected and one of them promptly cut his head off. As the player was lifting The Head of Vecna to emplace it on it's new body, another argument broke out and they spent several minutes shouting and yelling. Then, finally, they put the Head onto the character.
Well, of course, the Head simply fell off the lifeless body. All members of Group Two began yelling and screaming at each other (and at me) and then, on their own, decided that they had let too much time pass between cutting off the head of a hopeful recipient and put the Head of Vecna onto the body.
SO THEY DID IT AGAIN!... [killing another PC]
In closing, it should be said that I never even cracked a smile as all this was going on. After the second PC was slaughtered, I had to give in (my side was hurting)...
And Group Two blamed ME for all of that...
So let that be a warning to you - don't let your head get cut off unless you really know what you're doing.
-- Bob Apthorpe
# # #

David "No Nickname" Crowe No generalization is true
-not even this one.
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Hi, I just joined. It's good to see a nice active community about the d20 system.

I'm assembling a gritty, low power zombie game using the Year of the Zombie book for inspiration. I'll probably use the point buy system and assign the players a minimum of points.

The hook is that the players will be playing as themselves, and the game is going to start with them sitting around a table, playing Dungeons and Dragons. In game, I, the DM, will transform into a zombie and begin attacking the players.

The rest of the game will take place in our town, with friends and family as the NPCs.

Cenobites and d20 Hellraiser

Over the holiday, I decided I needed to update the AD&D writeup on the Cenobites for D&D 3.5, and I found I was not satisfied with it. I never really liked the original write-up, since all the Cenobites from the Hellraiser movies seemed to have their own identities and individualities to them, so it was very hard to pigeonhole them as a single monster entry. Yes, they had things in common, such as the ashen skin, the smell of rotten meat covered over by the aroma of vanilla, and all, but you had Pinhead with the grid of nails all over his head, the female Cenobite with the slit over her throat where her larynx was removed, and the Chatterer, who had wires drawing his lips apart, taut against his face, revealing constantly gnashing teeth. They all had their own attack forms. Pinhead controls the chains of Hell. The Chatterer just gnashes his teeth and maybe bites. The female Cenobite has a sonic attack. There are more, especially, in the third film, when you discover that the Cenobites are created when the Engineer chooses to make one from the vices of a victim. So, you have a Cenobite that has CDs in his head and spits CDs like Chinese throwing stars, and another Cenobite that was created from a woman who had a bad smoking habit (I always called her CancerStyx).

So, I was never really comfortable with trying to interpret the Cenobites as a monster entry. Over the holiday, it occurred to me to try to create a Cenobite template, so that got me closer to my goal, but I was still not quite where I wanted to be. I downloaded somebody's supplement-d20 Hellraiser for Call of Cthulhu and perused the entries, but it turned out to be another single monster entry. I was not satisfied with it, but I did like the write-up on Agonistes (a Cenobite inspired by one of Todd McFarlane's sculptures for his toy line).

Then, I refined my idea further: how about a prestige class available to devils? Or, better yet, what about a template and a prestige class? I thought about creating a Cenobite template and a Theologian of the Order of the Gash prestige class (another name for Cenobites found in The Hellbound Heart, the novella on which the Hellraiser series was based).

To add to the complication, the Leviathan as he is presented in the Hellraiser mythos is a lot different from the Leviathan I am using (a demon of the deep). I want to change the Cenobites' master devil into another creature - but I haven't decided on who yet. So, I have an idea to create a Cenobite template with a Theologian of the Order of the Gash prestige class, with some changes to the mythos to fit in with my game world, but there is still one more element I think I need to fill in, and that is whether there is a need to create a torturer class devil that creates Cenobites from mortal flesh. Any ideas from those of you who are fellow gamers and who are familiar with the Hellraiser series and the Hellbound Heart novella by Clive Barker?
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Hello.  I've been Gaming for 5 years from 11 to 16 I play DND and Seventh Sea though I also play other games sometimes.

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